The Miranda Fund

Help Sponsor a Child for Leadership Camp on July 19-24, 2021

After participating in my first sleepaway camp with kids back in 2006, I decided to start a day camp for inner city youth. Shortly after this time, an 11 year old girl walked up to me at church and handed me an envelope with over $200 dollars inside. Her name was Miranda and she said, “Ms. Karen, this is my birthday money and I want to give it to you so that kids can go to camp.” You can imagine the look on my face. I literally had to hold back the tears and I have never, ever forgotten that little girl!

It is in her honor that we started the MIRANDA FUND in 2020 to teach kids to give back. KIDS GIVING TO KIDS by bringing an offering of their choice during summer camp and at our Fall Family Retreat in October. Whether it’s from a piggy bank, birthday money, bank account, or donated from a parent, friend, or relative, kids get to share in one of the greatest lessons of all.

GIVING BACK! Kids can also give with their parents permission here:

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Send a check or money order to: NOW Ministries P.O. Box 9803 Chesapeake, VA 23321

Every $150 collected sponsors one child for camp.

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